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What we do

With the TJIP Smart Platform we develop standard solutions to support customer journeys at financial service providers. During that customer journey, customers continuously receive accurate overviews and reliable insights, which offers them certainty about how they can organize their lives now and in the future.

TJIP's story

"Ever since the foundation of TJIP, it has been our mission to assist organizations in their challenges to set up business processes faster, smarter, more efficiently and simpler. During turbulent times, in which technological developments succeed each other in rapid succession and where people are increasingly dependent of technology, users are more articulate, critical and demanding than ever, and the hunger for fast, effective and accurate searching and finding information has become a new necessity of life.

To meet these expectations, TJIP develops solutions that continuously connect people, organization and data. We help our partners to provide their users with certainty in financial decisions by providing the right information that is important to them at the right moment."

Dingeman Leijdens
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Our expertise

TJIP supports millions of people in their everyday life. We do this by generating financial insights, organizing clear customer journeys and supporting critical decision moments with data. With the TJIP Smart Platform, TJIP offers standard components with which financial service providers can strengthen and enrich their customer journeys. Standard components consist of processes, calculations and data as a service.
Oour expertise

How we do this

Our goal is to support companies by making technology serve the needs of their users.

To this end, TJIP addresses and eliminates all barriers on the road to digital transformation, regardless of whether they are of a personnel, technical or financial nature. Our experts build the solutions needed to connect professionals and make the digital transformation a reality.

We do this together with our customers and partners, sometimes on assignment, sometimes on our own initiative, but always as The Platform Engineers.

All this is ISO and SOC certified, which means that our information security is guaranteed throughout the entire organization.


Community driven

Change processes and innovation used to be processes that were driven internally and took place behind closed doors. However, the digital revolution has changed the rules of the game. Information and technology is available everywhere and therefore ideas and technologies from the outside world can easily be used, integrated and adopted in business operations.

Companies have become networks. They have a flexible shell of people who are closely involved with the company. They are transparent, approachable and know that the business is built around people (and not the other way around).

TJIP employs good people, but good people can be found everywhere. It's about building the best team for each project and not being afraid to collaborate with others. TJIP has organized its activities around this core value.

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We invest together

At TJIP, we not only want to convince customers of the necessity to initiate the digital transformation, we are even prepared to bear risks and to co-invest. We invest in existing and new companies, act on our own initiative or as a joint venture with one or more customers. Paying lip service is not enough. We believe in business platforms powered by TJIP.

About the Platform Investors

Located in the innovation heart of the Netherlands

Are you interested in how we can perfect the processes of your organisation? We gladly start a conversation. 

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