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Financial plans

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Financial service providers do not know their clients well enough and cannot really respond to the client's personal situation or wishes in their advice.
Insight based on data enriched with predictive calculations broadens the view of the financial future. Insight is created that would not otherwise arise.
A more appropriate advice to new and existing customers. More return from a client portfolio.


What is it?

Financial planning is not something that customers just discuss with anyone. It requires trust. Yet consumers increasingly come across all kinds of tools and apps online. But often they can only solve a (small) part of the puzzle. Service providers who really want to help their customers need a solid toolkit, so customers immediately notice the difference in quality.


TJIP offers support in financial planning. A link to our services provides insight into the financial situation of a household now and in the future. This takes into account expectations, wishes and possibilities in different life phases and possible future macro-economic developments. With the help of these services TJIP gives people a grip on the choices that are involved.



  • Better and more compelte advice for clients.
  • Flexibly deployable services, both on a 'basic' level and with various extensions.
  • Inventory, analysis and output according to Wft guidelines.
  • Guaranteed correct calculation of fiscal and social legislation thanks to independently guaranteed calculation services.


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  This module is part of TJIP Smart Platform. A unique modular platform for financial service providers which helps end users choose, close and customise financial products.
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Discover our Smart Journeys

Financial planning

Help your customers achieve their future goals.


Focus on the customer's personal situation and housing needs.


Be where your customers are. Easily bring new products to market at low cost. 

Customised Smart Journeys

We also work closely with clients to create customised solutions that go beyond what is common elsewhere. This creates an exceptionally good user experience that makes clients stand out in the market.


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