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Welcome to our Innovation Lab

In the TJIP Innovation Lab, we experiment with innovations which can be decisive for our clients in the long term. We think about the role TJIP will have in these change processes.

We try to share our knowledge with others to come up with new possibilities and opportunities. Our starting point is to build a bridge between human and technique.

TJIP Innovation Lab module

Cloud computing

Based on 'Platform as a Service' (PaaS), TJIP builds cloud computing services for the development, testing, delivery, and management of software application. Optimising and perfecting these services is a continuous challenge within our innovation team.


The Payment Service Directive 2 is the implementation of an EU directive that ensures the further standardisation of payments within the European Union. TJIP works on the consequences and technical changes for financial service providers. 

TJIP Innovation Lab modules

AI & Blockchain

By experimenting with artificial intelligence and Blockchain technologies, TJIP uses software-driven expert systems to teach computers to think creatively and to make operational processes more secure, faster, and more efficient.


What can you do as an organisation to be prepared for the new privacy legislation (General Data Protection Regulation)? This is a question TJIP is currently concretely involved in.

The formula for success

As we at TJIP are constantly keeping ourselves up to date and work on the latest developments, on both meso and macro level. We are able to maintain a leading role in the technical aspects as well on an intellectual level. We want to pitch about this knowledge during our TJIP Sessions.

About TJIP Sessions

TJIP regularly organises informal sessions. Decision makers and competitors from the financial market are welcome to discuss innovation. During our sessions, we discuss various current topics and the latest developments.


  • About the event:
    Is your organization ready for the future? During our 'Cloud Services' session you'll discover in which areas the next steps regarding innovation and digitization will be made.

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The TJIP Quick Scan

Curious as to what TJIP can mean for your organisation and how Business Platforms can contribute to your current operational processes? Request a non-committal TJIP Quick Scan.

One of our consultants will be happy to have a conversation with you to see how and where your organisation can be professionalised and digitised. 

TJIP Innovation Lab Quick Scan Strategize

Strategic Scan

TJIP Business Platforms facilitate the work of the users, give insight into and control on important decision moments, and make technology accessible and manageable.

Find out how Business Platforms can make your organisation leaner and more efficient by carrying out a personal business analysis.

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TJIP Innovation Lab Quick Scan Funding

Funding Scan

TJIP invests in existing and new Business Platforms, not just because we want to convince clients of the necessity of digital transformation, we are even willing to carry risks.

Does your case have a large enough base and relevance for a collaboration?

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TJIP Innovation Lab Quick Scan Innovation

Innovation Scan

Curious as to which parts of your organisation can or maybe even require innovation, improvement, and change?

Let TJIP give you sound advice and stay relevant in a fast changing world.

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At TJIP, we believe that real innovation is not done internally, but in collaboration with others. That is why we are always looking for ways to collaborate with partners, other branch professionals, or even competitors. Even with regard to the development of new products or propositions. TJIP will gladly start a conversation with you about innovation and new initiatives. 

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TJIP Innovation Lab Prototyping

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Bram Nawijn
Director Innovations
TJIP Bram Nawijn Director Innovations
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