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TJIP InnovationLab

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Innovation behind the closed doors of an organisation often does not lead to the desired result.
TJIP connects market players in order to realise concepts and solutions together on the basis of new insights and technical knowledge.
The result is that consumers and professionals alike dare to make important financial choices with even more confidence.


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Our smart journeys

Choosing, underwriting and customising financial products can be quite complex. With that complexity, TJIP takes on the challenge. We create smart journeys for our service providers that make smart use of data & expertise so that users get overview & insight and can make the right choices with confidence.

Financial planning

Help your customers achieve their future goals.


Focus on the customer's personal situation and housing needs.


Be where your customers are. Easily bring new products to market at low cost. 

TJIP Smart Solutions

Need customised smart journeys? We have extensive experience for service providers who need to make a difference for their customers at crucial moments in the customer journey.