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Innovating together

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We at TJIP believe that real innovation doesn't occur behind closed doors, but in collaboration with others. That is why we established an Innovation Lab, to open up our doors.

Working with all the benifits of a start-up

We combine the speed and agility of a startup with the "deep expertise" of an established IT company. The result is that we start faster than we talk. By doing so, we create an environment in which ideas thrive and grow into successful new products and services.

The process

Curious about what TJIP can mean for your organization and how Business Platforms can contribute to your current business processes? Let's get to the table!

Formula for success

The TJIP Innovation Lab is all about being able to innovate together. This is possible by working in a partner relationship as opposed to the traditional client-contractor relationship. The search for shared goals and interests is central and financial risks are shared. It creates an environment in which market-driven ideas can be picked up much faster.


Sustainable housing

We see various opportunities within the housing market for increasing interactions, making homes more sustainable and enabling awareness regarding potential next steps on the housing market. Together with our partners, we work on innovative and digital solutions for home owners, corporations and financials.

Voice mortgages

Now that the Google Home Mini is in the supermarket for a few tens, the hype seems to be unstoppable. But what can financial institutions and advisors do with this?

Within the Innovation Lab we have made a connection between our mortgage calculator and various Jumba services. Using voice you can calculate how much you can lend and start the mortgage application process.

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Kees Haverkamp
Head of Innovations
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