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Insurance brokerage

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Opening up insurance products from back-office systems to intermediaries is often time-consuming and inefficient. Each insurer has its own protocols and definitions, making it difficult to link.
The TJIP Insurance Gateway makes insurance product data available in an unambiguous way, allowing easy connection between insurer and intermediary, which leads to a more pleasant process for customers.
Shorter time-to-market for insurance products. A seamless quotation, application, and change process between intermediaries and providers.


What is it?

The Insurance Gateway ensures direct data flows between insurance providers and brokers. Vice versa, requests and changes from intermediaries are processed directly in the administrations of the providers.


Providers are connected from their own back office system with their own protocols and message definitions. The Insurance Gateway converts these to the SIVI All Finance Standard (AFS). This allows the back offices of providers to connect to the systems of intermediaries easily and at low cost. Providers benefit from cost advantages and a shorter time-to-market. The intermediary talks to all providers in the same way.


If desired, TJIP provides the screens for the end user to see on the website or in an app of intermediaries. This can be set up for all types of insurance and in any desired house style.



  • Bring products to market faster.
  • Connect directly to advice packages such as MeetingPointAdvies.
  • Connect directly to service providers.
  • Lower costs through standardisation of quotation, application and change processes.
  • Save time through digital communication with intermediaries.
  • Rapid implementation through flexible linking options.


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  This module is part of TJIP Smart Platform. A unique modular platform for financial service providers which helps end users choose, close and customise financial products..
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