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Insurance Orientation

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The total range of insurance products is difficult to oversee, both for the customer and for the adviser. The client cannot properly assess what the best choice is in their situation. Financial advisers must gain that insight from the various extranets of providers.
By making data from all insurance products available in one place, a complete picture of the situation and possibilities is created.
Greater certainty of choosing the right product. Saving of valuable time so that financial advisers have more time for their clients.


What is it?

With a comparator, insurance products of different providers can be put next to each other in an unambiguous way so that apples can be compared with apples. TJIP has comparators available for AOV, life insurance, private non-life insurance and a unique package comparator for private non-life insurance. In the case of AOV and life insurance, it is also possible to submit the application directly to the insurer.

The different functions of the module are offered via APIs. Providers and advisers can use these APIs to set up their own orientation process exactly as they want it. The comparators can be placed in a website or an extranet.

In addition, TJIP offers real estate data to reduce the number of entries in the flow for home insurance and to make the orientation more personal. For example, the input of property characteristics for home insurance.



  • The current premiums and conditions are always available from one central location.
  • Smoother process with fewer data entry.
  • Unique package comparator for private non-life insurance.

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This module is part of TJIP Smart Platform. A unique modular platform for financial service providers which helps end users choose, close and customise financial products.
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