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Platform Investors

At TJIP, we don't just want to convince our clients of the necessity to start the digital transformation, we are even prepared to carry risks and to invest. We invest in existing and new Business Platforms and act on our own initiative or as a collaborative enterprise with one or more clients.

"Paying lip service is not enough" 

We believe in Business Platforms 'powered by TJIP' and a shared vision and financing.

Platforms that connect people

Investing together

At TJIP, we believe that we have to put our money where our mouth is. This means investing in existing and new Business Platform initiatives. Claiming that Business Platforms are important is just 'lip service'. This is not enough. TJIP will take it further.

Give Platforms Life

We do this in collaboration with clients, employees, and business partners. Because we cannot do it alone. Because we believe that you can only be successful when you recognise that you cannot do everything by yourself and that you will only utilise your own strength when you are prepared to share with others and to join forces.

Human Centered

At TJIP, we believe that breakthrough platform developments never originate from one organisation but can only happen through a community of people who are looking for progress and want to collaborate.
Finance Platform Investors TJIP

Platforming Solutions

TJIP's finance department makes capital investments in exclusive Business Platform initiatives, but also offers large-scale and customised licensed and pay-as-you-go cloud-based Business Platforms.

Budget Clearing isn't easy

Making substantial technology investments in challenging business environments is not easy. Internal and external politics, complex decision-making structures and uncertainties about the technological innovation can cause irresponsible delays. TJIP gladly supports and advises you to get this process started. 
People connecting working together TJIP

Building together

The digital transformation requires entrepreneurship and vision of the organisation's management. The instigators must act in a diplomatic manner to get everyone working towards the same goal and they can become doubtful when there are uncertainties about the business case and the subsequent technological choices that must be made.

TJIP will help you in this process. Not just when you need to make the right decisions for your organisation, but also in finding the right resources to realise the result you are aiming for.

TJIP Funding

The portfolio of TJIP Investors consists of several platforms that were realised in collaboration with partners and clients or in-house. The realisation of a new platform requires vision, strategy, funding, and expert knowledge of the market and technology. Together with you, we would like to realise the next platform.

A selection of our investment portfolio

Meetingpoint TJIP
Newest Industry TJIP
Jumba TJIP
Digido TJIP
MeetingpointAdvies TJIP

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