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Policy and contract administration

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Bringing new products to the market is often a time-consuming process. A cause of delay is often an inefficient back office in which adjustments must be made.
TJIP provides a turnkey administration. An open system that is easily linked to online propositions so that a new product can quickly go live.
A seamless process that gives consumers certainty about their insurance. Getting products to market quickly and efficiently without reliance on the in-house IT roadmap.


What is it?

In cooperation with TripleSunlimited, TJIP offers an administration system in which insurers can manage all new and existing policies, contracts, and dossiers from start to finish. Using proven and standard technology, we develop a solution quickly. It makes the execution of core processes within administrations more efficient and manageable. 


The system is suitable for a wide variety of policies and asset management contracts. All necessary processes for policy administration are present, such as prolongation, current account and deposit statements.


We can implement an entirely new environment for a contract administration and also have it connected to the existing infrastructure. Or we can gradually convert an existing administration to a new and sustainable solution. In short: flexible and can also be used as an addition to an existing administration system when this is no longer being developed technically.



  • Easy to link to online propositions.
  • Standard components are adaptable to any administration.
  • Web-based, so it can be used by your employees anytime and anywhere.
  • Integration with MS Office. 
  • Extensive reporting possibilities.

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  This module is part of TJIP Smart Platform. A unique modular platform for financial service providers which helps end users choose, close and customise financial products.
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