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Assistance Platform

The TJIP Assistance Platform provides a unique record and workflow system for all kinds of aid and care institutions that supports staff members with the best possible professional tools.

The platform not only offers a data bank for all incoming cases, but it also contains extensive workflows that help staff members to carry out their work efficiently. This makes the Assistance Platform a complete case management system.


Assistance Software

You have a good overview and it enables you to request and obtain information about the clients much faster. This will support staff members during their work and it makes it easier to transfer files, something which is vital for organisations that offer 24-hour support services by phone. 


  • User-friendly
  • Supporting Critical Moments
  • Can be linked to billing and claim handling systems 
  • Can be linked to Apps

More than twenty years of experience

TJIP has more than 20 years of experience in software for the Assistance sector.

What our clients say

Our TJIP Assistance Platforms are used by various large end clients to make the every day activities faster, smarter, more efficient, and simpler. We set great store to the client's opinion and so we are happy to let them speak for themselves. This is said about our Assistance Platforms:

About TJIP

"The development of our own case management system has not been a small project, especially when you want to include customized workflows. We needed a partner who could help us and guide us through this project, and TJIP was the right partner for us."

TJIP Albert Kleinjan
Albert Kleinjan
Project Advisor Eurocross Connect

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Christian van Kooten
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