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Banking Platform

TJIP Banking Platform is capable to connect the new world of buyers and sellers. Based on the fact that banks have a relationship with their clients, but are not always able to offer the right product for a particular client, the bank should be the intermediary in this. With an own Banking Platform that is open to sellers, buyers, and content providers, they become an important player in the digital world of new financial products.

With its expert knowledge on banking modules, combined with a data-driven platform, TJIP is capable to match the right data about sellers and buyers. Combined with the data banks have already collected about their client, the result will be a profile that is much better attuned. Naturally, this offers opportunities for the (robot) advisor of the bank to match supply and demand as optimally as possible.

Banking TJIP

Banking Software

We are experts when it comes to the digital client journey for online comparing, calculating, requesting, accessing, or adjusting of banking products.

From online calculation to acceptance and management, through user-friendly, front-end user interface and the underlying logic.


  • Support of the client journey for financial products
  • WFT-modules (Financial Supervision Act) available for risks and scenarios
  • Data-driven platforms to feel the needs and to fill these with relevant information and products
  • Upgrading of the client contact, higher NPS
  • My Environment for the client

More than twenty years of experience

TJIP has more than 20 years of experience in software for the banking sector.

What our clients say

Our TJIP Banking Platforms are used by various large end clients to make the every day activities faster, smarter, more efficient, and simpler. We set great store to the client's opinion and so we are happy to let them speak for themselves. This is said about our Banking Platforms:

About TJIP

"We know TJIP as a reliable software partner, facilitating the platform for the banking front-office trajectory. We are very satisfied with our collaboration."
TJIP Guus Alfrink
Guus Alfrink
Director Alfam Consumer Credit

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