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Financial Planning 

TJIP supports the customer journeys of the customers of financial service providers by providing continuous insight into the consequences of possible future choices, so that they can influence their financial future with certainty.

A link to our services provides insight into the financial situation of a household now and in the future. Taking into account personal goals and the possible influence on these by life events, personal wishes, tax changes and market developments. This also takes into account macro-economic effects such as inflation and interest rate scenarios.

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  • Better advice and contact strategy with more focus on prevention by using financial planning for the benefit of new and existing customers.
  • Continuous insight in consequences of future choices during all phases of the customer journey.
  • Forecasting the future, taking into account future life events, changes in personal wishes, tax changes and market developments.
  • Increased self-reliance of consumers during the phases orientation, advice and management.
  • Construction of a customer profile based on links with relevant data. 
  • Inventory, analysis and output according to Wft guidelines.
  • Better advice supported by customer profile.

More than twenty years of experience

TJIP has built a solid foundation in the field of mortgages, insurance and housing. We have won the trust of our clients and partners, for whom business continuity and digital transformation are paramount.

What our clients say

Our TJIP Personal Finance Platforms are used by various large end clients to make the every day activities faster, smarter, more efficient, and simpler. We set great store to the client's opinion and so we are happy to let them speak for themselves. This is said about our Personal Finance Platforms:

About TJIP

"The Personal Finance Platform of TJIP now consists of five different clusters: Living, Housing, Working, Transport and Health, which keeps your administration neat and tidy."

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Kees Haverkamp
CEO Newest Industry

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