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Mortgage Platform

The TJIP Mortgage Platform offers a complete workflow from orientation to the execution of the mortgages. And you can make your own decisions about the process. The modular structure of the platform allows you to implement the base of your process very quickly. Whether you are looking for software for paid advice or a middle office where mortgage data network requests (HDN) are processed to a final agreement.

It can also be easily structured to serve both purposes. Within the platform, there are several modules available for online comparing, calculating, requesting, accessing, or making adjustments to your mortgage products. The link with your back office is one of the strong features where the client can enter various mutations within a 'My Environment'.

We offer separate modules for some functions, but they can also be linked to the existing modules within your own environment. These include systems such as CRM, DMS, etc. Our platform is perfectly at home in an isolated environment, but it serves just as well within a complex architectural landscape.


Mortgage Software

We are experts when it comes to the digital client journey, which starts with orientation, online comparing, calculating, requesting, accessing, or adjusting of mortgage products.


  • Supporting the process from orientation to execution
  • Execution only and/or paid advice
  • Supporting the HDN-standard
  • WFT module
  • Customer portal for clients

More than twenty years of experience

TJIP has more than 20 years of experience in software for the banking sector.


  • Adaptable to complex application landscapes
  • DMS from third parties (eg Hyarchis)
  • Rules Based Engine
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Suitable for:

  • Execution only
  • Paid advice
  • Quotation solutions
  • HDN-messaging trafic
  • Customer portal 

What our clients say

Our TJIP Mortage Platforms are used by various large end clients to make the every day activities faster, smarter, more efficient, and simpler. We set great store to the client's opinion and so we are happy to let them speak for themselves. This is said about our Mortgage Platforms:

About TJIP

"TJIP has been supplying our Front-Office system for many years with which the salesteams can fully execute the mortgage process"

TJIP Louwe Post
Louwe Post
COO/BPM Mortgage Chain & Advice Chain

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