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Personal Finance Platform

The Personal Finance Platform can be used as a smart 'My Environment' at financial institutions. This allows you to quickly offer a secure environment to your clients to unlock information, offer products, and where you can interact with your clients.

The platform also offers the option to employ various functional 'widgets'. These could include scenario calculations, the comparing, requesting, and mutating of insurances, or the orientation on and calculation of mortgages.

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Personal Finance Software

The Personal Finance Platform can be used as a consumer platform. It offers consumers a central location for their financial situation by offering an overview and to help understand which options they may have.

By analysing the information about a consumer and by utilising the available financial knowledge, it can, for example, be determined that an insurance that is due to expire may be offered at a lower price, or that an end-date of the fixed-interest period of a mortgage (or the loan part) is drawing near. 


  • Easy to link with other (back-end) systems
  • Utilises available 'widgets'
  • Customer portal for our clients

More than twenty years of experience

TJIP has more than 20 years of experience in software for the banking sector.


  • Veilige omgeving
  • Communicatie met klanten
  • Inzicht in persoonlijke situatie
  • Confrontatie met 'life events'

Suitable for:

  • Banks
  • Insurers
  • Lenders
  • Advisory offices

What our clients say

Our TJIP Personal Finance Platforms are used by various large end clients to make the every day activities faster, smarter, more efficient, and simpler. We set great store to the client's opinion and so we are happy to let them speak for themselves. This is said about our Personal Finance Platforms:

About TJIP

"The Personal Finance Platform of TJIP now consists of five different clusters: Living, Housing, Working, Transport and Health, which keeps your administration neat and tidy."

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