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Real Estate Data

TJIP provides fast, reliable and data-driven insights into living for use in customer journeys, dashboarding and analytics. Users have access to housing data on objects, environments and finances.

TJIP offers up-to-date and complete real estate data delivered from a central point. Delivery takes place through a link on an API.  Cost-effectively retrievable per address or at advantageous package prices. 



  • Fewer entries for house-related topics.
  • Preparing advice with the help of a house profile based on postcode, house number.
  • Direct insight into property value, structural features and energy label, among other things.
  • Effective real-time signals for the intermediary, which can be used for follow-up actions on an existing portfolio.
  • More efficient (marketing) campaigns through the use of data for portfolio segmentation and targeting.

More than twenty years of experience

TJIP has built a solid foundation in the field of real estate data. We have won the trust of our customers and partners, for whom business continuity and digital transformation are paramount. The customer and partner list is a "Who's Who" of successful organisations such as Independer, ABN Amro, Dossierdata, MeetingpointAdvies.

Data-driven innovation

We make the power of data available to our customers & partners. We bring IT, process and data knowledge together and provide support where necessary. This leads to powerful use cases in sectors such as mortgages, insurance, energy, sustainability and real estate.

"Do not only look at the available data, but especially at how decision information can be made from it. These 'actionable insights' make tangible what can ultimately be done on the basis of the data. That's where TJIP helps its customers and partners."
Sander van der Aa TJIP platform engineers
Sander van der Aa
Business Development, +31 6 21 13 45 30

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