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PSD2 insights

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Gaining insight into customers' income and expenditure is often inefficient. Often it is a flow outside the own automated process.
With the help of an analysis of bank data, consumers - via mobile or desktop - get a more complete picture of their financial space and a sharper view of their income and expenditure.
By sharing this information, advisers, and providers can provide their clients with an even more suitable solution. In addition, the use of this data can lead to faster processes.


What is it?

Consumers and advisers gain fast, safe and reliable insight into someone's financial situation through the analysis of bank transactions. Effortless to integrate within existing processes because it is a web application.

A financial service provider invites a customer for a check. He receives a secure link and a confirmation code on his phone to participate. The customer links his bank account(s) to the application and gives permission to retrieve and analyse his bank transactions.

In a few seconds, a complete calculation of his income and expenditure is made, and the customer sees a report showing his monthly spending limit. He can then choose whether to share the overview with the financial service provider.

The privacy of customers is guaranteed. Details of transactions do not end up with a provider.



  • Seamless integration within advisory, acceptance, and management processes.
  • The customer determines which data he or she shares.
  • Easily add relevant additional insights for customers.
  • Customer privacy is guaranteed.


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  These journeys are made possible by TJIP Smart Platform. A unique modular platform for financial service providers that helps end-users choose, arrange and adjust financial products..
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