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Then and Now: The digitalization of insurance

Insurance originally evolved as a commercial instrument. As technology became a vital component of almost all industries, the very way we trade goods and services has changed. Today’s.. Read more
Author: Rogier Tolboom Topic(s): Trends, Big Data, Fintech, Technology

Consumer embraces virtual banking

When I got a call this week from my bank representative, I was confused as I looked at my phone screen. For a moment there, I hesitated. As far as I knew I had no issues with my bank.. Read more
Author: Frank Rommers Topic(s): Fintech, Banking

How Blockchain is changing Finance

Blockchain or distributed ledger technology, as it’s also known, has been on an explosive growth path over the last few years. From 2014-2016, $1.4 billion has been invested in blockchain.. Read more
Author: Bram Nawijn Topic(s): Fintech, Blockchain, Banking

How the future of finance is Fintech

Whether you realize it or not, you are most likely using traditional financial institutions as well as fintech companies on a daily or weekly basis. Just think, when was the last time you.. Read more
Author: Bram Nawijn Topic(s): Trends, Fintech
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