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Smart Platforming

Short development cycles and a quick time-to-market are extremely important these days, in order to succeed in this demanding and technology-driven society. However, businesses often have to cope with old 'legacy systems' and a complex application landscape, which makes software projects tedious, expensive and unpredictable. Inflexible systems result in people having to work in a straitjacket, which leaves creativity untapped and irrevocably results in stagnation and frustration.

TJIP believes in Business Platforms as the perfect foundation for your application infrastructure. It is the only way for businesses to quickly implement innovations and to continuously embed new technologies into the organisation.

About Business Platforms

TJIP, together with clients and partners, developed an execution method, the 'Smart Platforming Model', which we use to make business platforms successful. The model incorporates all lessons and insights that have been learned over the years in the areas of financing, organising, and execution of complex platform development processes.

Technical Expertise

Organisations often have limited means and, more importantly, only limited expertise to implement innovations. The 'Smart Platforming Model' provides the execution power that allows organisations to innovate with the use of new technologies and to fill knowledge gaps.


To make a difference in today's network society, it is vital to quickly incorporate new technologies into the operational business. The 'Smart Platforming Model' focuses on the building of open Business Platforms that organisations can use to easily integrate new technologies. This way, the business transformation can be accelerated considerably.
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Human Centered

TJIP believes that successful businesses do not maintain a hard distinction between what is internal and external. Businesses have become networks. They are transparent, approachable, and built around people (and not the other way around). Based on the 'Smart Platforming Model' TJIP provides the perfect team for every project. The right balance between internal and external. Because sharing means multiplying.

Business Cases

Developing a platform often requires large investments, and this can cause uncertainties and doubt. The 'Smart Platforming Model' offers an investment model and business case for every platform. This allows us to limit and share the risks.

Buy & Build

The Business Platforms TJIP develops are used on a daily basis and by millions of people. They make the work of the users easier, give insight and control on important defining moments, and make technology accessible and manageable. We do this for clients in the financial world, the insurance sector, healthcare, and in several other sectors as well.

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Operate & Innovate

Sharing is the new having. This is what we believe in at TJIP. That is why we offer an environment where we can all share and exchange our knowledge through our TJIP Sessions, Quickscans, Roundtables, and more. Interested? We gladly welcome you in our Lab
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Strategize & Fund

At TJIP, we don't just want to convince our clients of the necessity to start the digital transformation, we are even prepared to carry risks and to invest. We invest in existing and new Business Platforms and act on our own initiative or as a collaborative enterprise with one or more clients. We believe that paying lip service is not enough.

We believe in Business Platforms 'Powered by TJIP' with a shared vision and financing.

Our funding possibilities
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