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TJIP Smart Platform

The TJIP Smart Platform empowers every financial services provider to provide consumers and professionals with the very best support so that they can make financial choices with confidence.

TJIP Smart Platform is a modular system that makes smart and innovative use of data to guide end users with relevant and reliable information when choosing, arranging and adjusting financial products.

TJIP Smart Platform fits perfectly with existing processes of financial service providers so that they can do business efficiently and agile.


The components of TJIP Smart Platform

  • Every service and every data point is available through an API.
  • Possibility to combine different APIs into modules for specific phases of a customer journey.
  • Multiple modules can be combined to support a complete customer journey.
  • A customer journey is provided with a user interface. The UI is adapted to the house style of a customer, so that a unique implementation is created.


  • Better and faster response to customer needs, leading to higher conversions and more customer retention.
  • Each component is continuously developed so that alignment with market development legislation and regulations is guaranteed.
  • Easy connection to existing processes, systems and external packages such as advice and CRM software.
  • Certified quality: ISO 27001, SOC2 type-2 and MVO-register certification.

Our Smart Journeys

Choosing, arranging and adjusting financial products can be quite complex. TJIP creates Smart Journeys for service providers that make smart use of data and expertise so users can gain insight and overview and make the right choices with confidence.

Financial planning

Help your customers achieve their future goals.


Focus on the customer's personal situation and housing needs.


Be where your customers are. Easily bring new products to market at low cost. 

Personalised Smart Journeys

We also work closely with clients to realise customised solutions that go beyond what is usual elsewhere. This creates an exceptionally good user experience with which clients distinguish themselves in the market.


Some of our customers

We are certified

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