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(Graduation) Internship Human Resources

10 April 2023
Ellis Slot
32 - 40 hrs.
At TJIP, we believe that everyone should be able to shape their own future. In a complex world, we provide people with control over their financial choices. With our innovation power, we tackle complexity, and with our thoughtful solutions, we enable financial service providers to guide people in a pleasant and ethical manner in choosing, concluding, and adjusting financial products.  

We create smart journeys that make clever use of data and expertise and learn to respond smart and better to people's needs. We deliver solutions that fit perfectly into existing processes and systems, allowing financial service providers to operate efficiently and flexibly. 

TJIP employs excellent people, but great people can be found anywhere. It's about building the best team for each project and not being afraid to collaborate with others. TJIP has organized its activities around this core value. 

Job Description

Are you looking for a challenging (graduation) internship and do you have an affinity for Human Resource Management? Then TJIP is the right place for you! We gladly welcome young talent! 

As an intern at TJIP, you will be a good planner, conduct intake interviews with candidates, be closely involved in personnel affairs, and be responsible for various administrative tasks. You will build a solid foundation for your future career at TJIP! 

You are studying (graduating) Human Resource Management MER and have an affinity for personnel affairs in the IT sector. 
Why work at TJIP:
  • Build software platofrms that you can be proud of;
  • Continuously develop your skill set and knowledge; 
  • Work in an informal way on large projects;
  • Make your mark on innovation at companies like BlackRock, Eurocross, ASR, and Aegon. 


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Growing with enough relaxation:

  • Enjoy a pleasant word environment where work and relaxation go hand in hand; 
  • Have space to learn continuously and bring out the best in yourself; 
  • This is accompanied by a beautiful office, top-quality equipment, and great colleagues. 

Who are we?

TJIP believes that important decisions should be made with confidence and strives to combat complexity. With a typical Delft innovation power, we create smart digital customer journeys. Through our thoughtful solutions, we enable our customers to guide people in a pleasant and honest way when choosing, purchasing, using, and adapting products and services. The best possible digital service within reach, that's what TJIP stands for. 


Would you like to know more about the position of (Graduation) Internship Human Resources at TJIP, The Platform Engineer from Delft? Please contact Ellis Slot, our HR Manager, via Whatsapp or phone at +31 6 24 54 93 79. Are you enthusiastic and have no more questions? Apply directly via the application button, or send us your CV and motivation to hr@tjip.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you and hope to meet you soon! 


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How soon will you hear back from us?

We are excited to receive your application and want to do everything we can to make the application process as fast and efficient as possible. Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you within 2 days. If there is a match, we will invite you to an interview at our office in the very near future. If both parties are enthusiastic, we will schedule a second interview where we will delve deeper into your skills. Each step in the application process has the same goal: do you fit with TJIP, and does TJIP fit with you? If the answer to this question is a resounding yes, we will make you an offer. Our goal is to complete the entire process within two weeks. We look forward to meeting you soon! 


TJIP is an employer that provides equal opportunities. We celebrate diversity and strive to create an inclusive environment for all employees. 

Acquisition as a result of this vacancy is not appreciated. 

We have worked, among others, with:

Do you want to know more about the position?

Get in touch with Ellis Slot, our HR-manager.

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