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Open Banking: driving innovation in the financial sector

Open data is creating value for economies, companies, and individuals across a number of industries. In the financial industry, open banking is the next step in the evolution of how banks.. Read more
Author: Frank Rommers Topic(s): Machine Learning

From Banking services to smart Business Platforms

This fundamental piece of payments-related legislation in Europe aims to accelerate digital disruption and re-shape of the banking industry. Read more
Author: Bram Nawijn Topic(s): Trends, Technologie, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence

The Rise of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

For many people, changes come and go, so we adapt and we keep going. When someone tells us we have to do something new or a new product comes out, we may grumble about it, but we adapt and.. Read more
Author: Bram Nawijn Topic(s): Machine Learning, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence

Data protection in The Netherlands in the wake of GDPR

With its own Dutch Personal Data Protection Act launched in 2016, The Netherlands is a pioneer when it comes to legislating around data protection, a popular topic as  The General Data.. Read more
Author: Igor Gavic Topic(s): Trends, Technologie, Data Protection, Fintech
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