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Publicaties van Igor Gavic

Tips for Using Data to Streamline Processes & Increase Productivity

According to Gartner, by 2021 the role of CDOs (chief data officers) will become “a mission-critical function comparable to IT, business operations, HR, and finance in 75% of large.. Read more
Author: Igor Gavic Topic(s): Trends, Insurance, Big Data

How process automation supports end-to-end operational agility

Also known as a company’s ability to reconfigure the way work is done, operational agility has quickly become a core strategy for businesses that want to stay connected, flexible and.. Read more
Author: Igor Gavic Topic(s): Trends, Insurance

Data protection in The Netherlands in the wake of GDPR

With its own Dutch Personal Data Protection Act launched in 2016, The Netherlands is a pioneer when it comes to legislating around data protection, a popular topic as  The General Data.. Read more
Author: Igor Gavic Topic(s): Trends, Data Protection, Fintech, Technology

The Future of IoT in the Financial Industry

The industry will be largely disrupted by IoT The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the ability of technology to connect objects to the Internet for the purpose of sharing data. Because the.. Read more
Author: Igor Gavic Topic(s): Trends, IoT, Fintech, Technology
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