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Renewed publication of the CSR Register

05 June 2023
Thomas van Bergen

At TJIP, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral and self-evident pillar of our business operations. This is reflected in sustainable, long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners, and in our commitment to being a good employer. Want to know how we put CSR into practice at TJIP and how we make our CSR performances visible? Read on. 

We are proud to announce that we are part of the CSR Register. This register provides a transparent view of our CSR programme. FIRA, the organisation that audits us on CSR, ensures that we meet the requirements for corporate social responsibility. In addition, we annually evaluate our policy and its effectiveness, and make adjustments as necessary. This way, we ensure that our CSR practices are continually aligned with changing circumstances in both our operations and our environment. 

Our hard work has not only earned us a CSR certification, but also a new three-star score (on a scale of 1 to 5) from FIRA. The full report can be found on the CSR Register website. 

At TJIP, we make several promises. We: 

  • Take responsibility: we are accountable for the impact of our activities on the community, economy, and environment; 
  • Are transparent: we are open about our decisions and activities that have an impact on the community and the environment; 
  • Demonstrate ethical behaviour: we behave ethically at all times; 
  • Respect stakeholders: we listen to, take into account, and respond to the interests of our stakeholders; 
  • Observe the law: we respect applicable laws and regulations; 
  • Respect international standards of conduct: we respect international standards of conduct in conjunction with respect for laws and regulations; 
  • Respect human rights: we respect human rights and acknowledge their importance and comprehensiveness. 

Our ongoing pursuit of improvement and innovation has helped us achieve this CSR certification. But we continue to look ahead. We are always looking for ways to be even more sustainable and socially responsible. 

Want to know more about our CSR practices at TJIP or have ideas on how we can do this even better? Then get in touch with your contact person or send an email to our MVO-coordinator, Maarten de Jonge, at m.dejonge@tjip.com. 


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