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Research by TJIP indicates that consumers want a single 'hub' providing insights into their complete personal financial situation

13 April 2022
Maarten de Jonge

Delft, April 13, 2022 – TJIP, The Platform Engineers, has conducted a study on how consumers perceive their financial service providers. The findings reveal that 43 percent of respondents believe that financial service providers should pay more attention to the overall personal financial situation of the consumer. Only 17 percent think this is unnecessary. Therefore, consumers prefer to receive insights and advice that take into account their complete personal financial situation as much as possible. 

Currently, consumers often have to gather this information from various sources, frequently relying on multiple providers. However, the research shows that consumers do not consider this an ideal situation. This presents an opportunity for financial service providers that offer comprehensive insights. 

Igor Gavic, CEO of TJIP, states, “Financial service providers could serve as more of an all-in-one hub, so that consumers have a clear overview of their (personal) finances and a better understanding of their entire financial situation both now and in the future. Currently, it is too fragmented, and that does not benefit the consumer.” He continues, “For example, with a large part of the Netherlands experiencing economic difficulties due to factors such as inflation, it is even more crucial for the Dutch to have a complete and transparent understanding of the implications for their (personal) financial situation. Offering and communicating this comprehensive insight is the key to a good relationship with the consumer.” 

Within the TJIP Smart Platform, TJIP provides the modules that enable these insights. With TJIP's “Smart Journeys,” advisors can quickly and efficiently build a profile of a customer, taking into account not only the current situation but also their desires and expectations. This profile allows for anticipating their needs and forms the basis for an effective contact strategy. 

Research Methodology 

The research, conducted in the fourth quarter of 2021 by Kien PanelWizard on behalf of TJIP, involved more than 1,100 Dutch adults aged 18 and older. It is part of the TJIP InnovationLab, where TJIP acquires new knowledge and insights and experiments with new technologies. More information about the TJIP InnovationLab can be found here. 

About TJIP 

“The Platform Engineers” at TJIP, a technology company based in Delft, believe that everyone should be able to shape their own future. In an overwhelming world, TJIP empowers individuals to make informed financial choices. 

The TJIP Smart Platform offers modules that enable financial service providers to design their customer journeys. The standardized solutions can be implemented quickly and efficiently thanks to the platform structure. They can be customized to fit desired customer service and experience. The costs remain manageable because the solutions reinforce existing systems in a targeted manner. In Delft, over a hundred dedicated professionals work on mission-critical platforms for clients such as ABN AMRO, Achmea, AIG, Rabobank, and a.s.r.

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