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Movir ready for the future with smart application module for intermediaries

24 May 2023
Thomas van Bergen

In the insurance market, several things are happening. Consumers increasingly expect to be able to carry out certain steps in the application process independently, or even complete an entire application procedure without the help of an advisor. Especially younger generations also see clear advantages in more self-service through online services. There is also a specific development in the field of disability insurance (AOV); the government has determined that every self-employed person must be insured against disability within a few years. This means that a large group of people will want to insure themselves in the most efficient way possible. Therefore, AOV should be easily accessible for everyone. 

Despite the increasing independence of consumers, independent intermediaries still play a significant role and will continue to do so in the future. Research done by TJIP done by TJIP shows that a large portion of consumers prefer to purchase all their products from the same source. An intermediary can meet this need effectively. However, it does mean that the advisor must be able to offer different forms of customer service.

Self-service AOV application online 

Intermediaries must therefore take further steps in digitization. To support them in this, Movir recently introduced the option for self-employed individuals to independently apply for disability insurance through an intermediary's website. Movir, with 125 years of experience, is an income insurer that offers AOVs to self-employed individuals. 

Does the use of such a digital module undermine the provision of personal advice by the intermediary? No, quite the opposite. The use of an execution-only module, where the customer independently purchases a product online, can actually be a means of attracting new customers. These are customers who may have advisory needs in other areas but choose the easiest path for obtaining AOV coverage. 

Market leader 

By offering this module, Movir is at the forefront of the market. It not only provides applicants with an exceptionally good user experience, but also establishes a flawless and fast application process (customer journey) between Movir and the intermediary. Movir helps the intermediary strengthen its competitive position and proactively respond to efficiently handling the high demand that will arise once AOV becomes mandatory. 

Insurance Gateway 

Applications are facilitated through TJIP's Insurance Gateway, which ensures direct data flows between insurance providers and intermediaries. Conversely, through this module, applications and changes from the intermediary are directly processed in the providers' systems. Movir's AOV is therefore integrated into intermediaries' websites through a smart module using the Insurance Gateway. 

Ready-to-use product 

Advisors do not need to build the module themselves (with all the logic, input fields, explanations, documents, and integrations) for their website. Movir provides a ready-to-use (technical) product that advisors can easily integrate into their own website. It is, of course, possible to make customized adjustments to certain elements (such as logo, font, colour usage, text, question format, etc.) so that the advisor can truly make the module their own. Additionally, intermediaries can configure the desired price for the application and periodic management themselves. Through the module, self-employed individuals independently submit their application for disability insurance. The applicant is then linked to the intermediary in Movir's administration where the application was made.

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