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Multi-Vendor Outsourcing and the value of diversity

12 January 2017
Bram Nawijn

We strive to create a simple and efficient way of working, which we can apply to all of our clients, from the first meeting to delivering the final result. Our vision has always been to make this process as reliable as possible.

From our client interviews and feedback, we have learned that this vision is taking shape as TJIP has been defined as an organization that:

  1. Always delivers expected results;
  2. Is a central point for technology needs;
  3. Provides reliable insights into potential new developments and products that lead to better service delivery optimization for customers.

Our clients find in TJIP a strong partner and we believe that part of our strength is our ability to create and successfully manage a software development ecosystem that incorporates several vendors and multiple expertise points. From the same interviews, we uncovered these main attributes that clients use to describe TJIP:

  • Good cooperation
  • Flexibility
  • Good operational communication
  • Reliability

TJIP- The Platform Engineers!

We feel that TJIP, as an organization, derives its flexibility in software development from incorporating Maxcode’s capacity for scaling up team size and expertise when clients need it most.

Reliability, on the other hand, is derived from our ongoing partnership with Dilato, which allows us to increase the effort we place in quality assurance activities, while maintaining costs at similar levels.

“Organizations usually see outsourcing, especially when it comes to multiple vendors, as a strategy to lower their IT operational costs. At TJIP we embraced outsourcing and the multi-vendor approach not from a costs perspective, but from the perspective that this allows us to achieve more with the same budget.

The cost savings have been reinvested into the project as additional efforts into quality assurance programs or as technology improvements.”

Igor Gavic, COO at TJIP

We have healthy ambitions. And we are not average, because we want to be good at what we do. Customer satisfaction is thereby a crucial factor in our daily motivation. And our NPS score reflects that, seeing as we have an 8+ organization, a number we are quite proud of. For more information see also our blog: 'An Inside Look Into How We Manage Multiple Vendors'.

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Why we believe in multi-vendor outsourcing

No single company can manage to master and excel in various fields at the same time, which is why, for us, it made perfect sense to develop a multi-vendor approach. TJIP focuses on understanding the client’s business and on managing the development process and implementation of the main technologies used in financial markets. See also our blog: 'How Using Multiple Vendors Can Help Ensure Higher Quality Products/Services'

A competitive advantage for a company is how fast and under what quality standards it can adapt to technology diversity today. Trying to develop in-depth expertise on multiple levels in-house can distract an organization from its long-term focus.

Based on our core values, we decided one major focus for us would be the relationship with the client. In order to build trust and provide reliability, we decided we needed to find the best talent available, be it in-house or outside TJIP. 

Looking back at our client satisfaction questionnaire from 2015, one of the highest scores we received is related to our expertise. It is clear and visible to our clients that we use multiple teams and vendors across our development lifecycles. However, what may not be transparent is how this impacts TJIP deliveries and, subsequently, our clients’ business results, in a positive manner.

Both the quality of our software and the diversity of technology solutions we offer have a direct impact on TJIP’s expertise level. These areas, in particular, are developed in partnership with organizations like Dilato and Maxcode.

Our clients may only interact with TJIP on a daily basis, but they have access to a larger international pool of resources without having to worry about managing teams across different time zones and cultures. This cultural diversity and collective know-how allows us to showcase high expertise across the software development lifecycle of our products.

“What TJIP has done right is specializing in incorporating and managing multiple vendors, and bringing the value of international teams to life.”

Bram Nawijn, TJIP Director Products & Services

If you’d like to find out more about the specific steps that we undergo when selecting vendors and what our vendor management strategy is, download our Case Study On Multi-Vendor Outsourcing For The Financial Industry.


Also read: Multi-Vendor outsourcing [Whitepaper]

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