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The (Tech) Link Between Employee Engagement And Customer Satisfaction

What is your company focusing on? Is it employee engagement or customer satisfaction? The two seem completely disconnected to many companies. But in today’s digital economy, a new way of.. Read more
Author: Bram Nawijn Topic(s): Trends, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Technology

The ultimate tech- collaboration between human and machine?

As the level of digitalization in consumer products continues to grow, technology’s role in business is also on the rise. The digital workplace, as it’s been referred to, has businesses.. Read more
Author: Bram Nawijn Topic(s): Trends, Machine Learning, IoT, Technology

From One Cryptocurrency To ICOs And Blockchain 3.0

The first cryptocurrency to capture the attention of the entire world, Bitcoin, was introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, just a few months after the collapse of the global banking.. Read more
Author: Maarten de Jonge Topic(s): Blockchain, Technology

Automation in the banking industry

Did you know that on June 27 1967 the first cash machine, or ATM as we’ve come to know it was unveiled outside a Barclays branch in Enfield, north London? Transactions were initiated by.. Read more
Author: Dingeman Leijdens Topic(s): Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Technology
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