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How to provide a human experience for the digital customer

The digital revolution is more about people than it is about technology. At least, that’s what I’ve come to believe after hundreds of projects and software solutions. The complexity of.. Read more
Author: Dingeman Leijdens Topic(s): Trends, Augmented and Virtual Reality

What's next after self-service banking?

Contrary to many dire predictions, most banks today have recovered remarkably well from the global financial crisis. With new capital infusions and sustained growth, they continue to.. Read more
Author: Frank Rommers Topic(s): Trends, Fintech

Customer service best practices in the insurance industry

Compared to other industries, insurance companies have very few opportunities to connect with their customers. Typically, they only interact with clients in three key touch points: when the.. Read more
Author: Rogier Tolboom Topic(s): Insurance, Fintech

The powerful customer with a smartphone

Consumers have always had the power to choose what they buy, where they buy it from or when. So what changed with the digital age? The prevailing answer to this seems to be “the way that.. Read more
Author: Bram Nawijn Topic(s): Trends
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