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TJIP Session - Cloud Services

30 augustus 2018
Maarten de Jonge
Donderdag 20 januari 2022

TJIP annually meets with decision makers and co-colleagues from the financial sector to discuss the latest trends.

Are you present?

During the TJIP roundtables we deal with current issues and discuss the latest developments / trends for financial services. We analyze opportunities and risks and look at how we can support each other with innovations.

Learnings from practice

We do not only deal with the theory, we'll go into practice. We do this on the basis of real cases and personal experiences.

New insights

The TJIP roundtables offer the ideal opportunity to engage with other decision makers in the sector. So sign up and make sure you do not miss the event.


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Donderdag 20 januari 2022
TJIP HQ, Delft
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