The need for digital identity and the many ways forward

As money travels around the world faster and easier, many governments and INGOs are focusing on the need for digital identities. In fact, the World Economic Forum recently stated in one of their reports that financial institutions need to lead the..

Blockchain cuts the middleman out of global payments

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From PayPal to mobile payments to other segments of the electronic payment industry, convenience is battling with remittance fees. On the one hand, consumers like the idea of being able to send payments digitally rather than paying in cash, using a..

Robotizing investments using machine learning

It used to be that investment firms relied completely on highly educated and highly qualified financial professionals to compile financial data, parse its meaning, and use those interpretations to drive investment decisions. While this way of doing..

Goede regelgeving voor platformeconomie noodzakelijk

Er komt steeds meer maatschappelijke weerstand tegen platformen, zoals Uber en Airbnb. In dagblad Het Parool stelde Marleen Stikker, directeur van Waag Society en ooit initiatiefnemer van De Digitale Stad, dat Uber een en Airbnb ‘parasiteren op de..

Hoe toepasbaar is Blockchain?

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De laatste tijd is er veel te doen rondom blockchain, een nieuwe technologie voor transactieverkeer die de nu gebruikte handels-, verzekerings-, en betalingssystemen ingrijpend kan veranderen. De bekendste toepassing van blockchain is momenteel..

Iedereen een digitale assistent

Bedrijven gebruiken steeds vaker digitale platformen om administratieve processen te versnellen. Door analytics technieken, machine learning en artificial intelligence gaan dit soort platformen uitgroeien tot ware digitale assistenten die het werk..

TJIP over AI tijdens AM Innosurance 2017

Delft, 5 juni 2017– Artificial Intelligence (AI) en conversational interfaces helpen klantcontact te versterken. Hoe, daarover spreken Edgar Beckand, Strategy Director bij digital agency Mirabeau en Dingeman Leijdens, CEO en oprichter van TJIP, op..

The innovations of worldwide mobile finance systems

There seems to be an app for everything in the app store on your phone or mobile device. In fact, you probably expect to find exactly what you are looking for. So do most consumers. Financial institutions have been catching on to this trend and..

The big ways Big Data is shaping Finance

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Data is expected to grow exponentially The rise is Big Data has been staggering. In fact, according to some research, by the early 2010s, 90% of all data had been generated within the last two years. That is more data than most financial..

Managing financial risk with Machine Learning

Since the market crashes of the late 2000s, businesses, regulators, and consumers have been more concerned with risk. Some never recovered and some are still trying to recover from everything that happened. Allowing something like that to happen..