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Creëren van bedrijfsecosystemen voor digitale platforms

With 7 billion people and more than 30 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020, we’re living in a transitional period where businesses and consumers are trying to make sense of the interconnectivity of people and technology. When we..

Blockchain, bijna niemand begrijpt het maar het wordt dagelijkse kost

Afgelopen maand was TJIP aanwezig tijdens het FFP Congres 2017 om de discussie rond blockchain te nuanceren en het te hebben over de daadwerkelijke toepassingsmogelijkheden voor financieel adviseurs in de aankomende jaren. Een samenvatting van onze..

Consument omarmt virtueel bankieren

door Frank Rommers 17 oktober 2017 Fintech, Banking 0 Reacties
When I got a call this week from my bank representative, I was confused as I looked at my phone screen. For a moment there, I hesitated. As far as I knew I had no issues with my bank account, with my card, I couldn’t imagine why they would call. I..

Benieuwd wat Blockchain voor jou kan betekenen?

door Wessel Heikens 5 oktober 2017 Blockchain 0 Reacties
Like a lot of people, I like to keep up with tech trends and news because I don’t want to miss out on important things. But to be completely honest, some of these hypes and megatrends are still a big unknown for me and it’s hard for me to be truly..

Then and now: How has Fintech truly changed our lives?

door Wessel Heikens 4 oktober 2017 Blockchain 0 Reacties
Ever since fintech became a point of interest for investors in 2014, people have been speculating about the disruption that this phenomena will bring to individuals and businesses. As with any new trend, expectations began to rise as fintech..

TJIP gastspreker over Blockchain op FFP Congres 2017

door Wessel Heikens 25 september 2017 Blockchain 0 Reacties
Op donderdag 5 oktober vindt het FFP Congres 2017 plaats in Nieuwegein. In zeven edities is het FFP Congres uitgegroeid tot hét platform voor financiële planning in Nederland, waar zo’n duizend (!) professionals aanwezig zullen zijn.

Here’s why I prefer digital-only insurance policies

door Rogier Tolboom 20 september 2017 Verzekeringen 0 Reacties
Here’s why I prefer digital-only insurance policies Insurance is probably one of the least popular industries. One of the reasons why is that people have a hard time understanding how the insurance business actually works. The second reason is that..

The need for digital identity and the many ways forward

As money travels around the world faster and easier, many governments and INGOs are focusing on the need for digital identities. In fact, the World Economic Forum recently stated in one of their reports that financial institutions need to lead the..

Blockchain cuts the middleman out of global payments

door Bram Nawijn 3 augustus 2017 Blockchain 0 Reacties
From PayPal to mobile payments to other segments of the electronic payment industry, convenience is battling with remittance fees. On the one hand, consumers like the idea of being able to send payments digitally rather than paying in cash, using a..

Robotizing investments using machine learning

It used to be that investment firms relied completely on highly educated and highly qualified financial professionals to compile financial data, parse its meaning, and use those interpretations to drive investment decisions. While this way of doing..