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De Nederlandse fascinatie voor Bitcoin en Blockchain

door Wessel Heikens 15 januari 2018 Blockchain 0 Reacties
If you’re familiar with Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology, you might have heard of the Dutch man who sold all his family's possessions to buy the virtual coins. Didi Taihuttu, a 39-year-old father of three children sold his..

Automatisering in de banksector

Did you know that on June 27 1967 the first cash machine, or ATM as we’ve come to know it was unveiled outside a Barclays branch in Enfield, north London? Transactions were initiated by inserting paper cheques issued by a teller or cashier, marked..

The Future of Healthcare

The promise of big data has been a driver of change in many industries, including one of the most complex ones, healthcare. With approximately 328 million devices being connected to the Internet each month, we’re able to gather mountains of..

TJIP hoofdsponsor G-zaalhockey toernooi HUDITO 2018

Zondag 28 januari 2017 organiseert hockeyclub Hudito uit Delft voor de negende keer op rij het regionale G-zaalhockeytoernooi voor regio West. Samen met de DirkKuytfoundation sponsort TJIP dit jaar wederom het evenement en daar zijn wij trots op!..

Vooruitblik 2018 - De kracht van innovatie

Over de kracht van innovatie: van Artificial Intelligence tot Chatsbots, IofT en Blockchain   IRR sprak met Wessel Heikensover innovatie, de rol en implementatie van Blockchain en zijn advies aan de sector. Welke belangrijkste ontwikkelingen..

Wat kan Blockchain technologie nou echt voor mij betekenen?

Als het aankomt op abstracte concepten en revolutionaire technologieën, helpt het ontleden van de architectuur en het bespreken van de onbenutte potentie ervan mij weinig bij het daadwerkelijk begrijpen ervan. Zie bijvoorbeeld dit artikel uit de..

Word eigenaar over jouw medische gegevens!

I use technology in almost everything I do. It’s part of my work, my daily tasks and my personal management. For most products and services I use, digitization is definitely a nice-to-have that I feel offers a better experience. But there are some..

Ontmoet Generatie Z!

I think many of us struggle on a day-to-day basis with different aspects of managing our finances, whether it’s insurance, banking or new technologies. For us, these challenges and their solutions make total sense but we almost never get a chance to..

De invloed van digitalisering op het klassieke bankbezoek

My relationship with my phone has really evolved over the years to the point where I am now one of those people who takes their phone with them into every room in the house. I try to limit my phone time in order to get other things done and manage..

Klantenservice essentieel voor de verzekeringsbranche

Compared to other industries, insurance companies have very few opportunities to connect with their customers. Typically, they only interact with clients in three key touch points: when the customer buys the product, when and if they need any..